Are you ready to start losing weight, tone up and stop wasting your time on diets that don't work?

Are you ready to start losing weight, tone up and stop wasting your time on diets that don't work?

Are you fed up with countless fad diets and yo-yo trends that do not work?

Are you tired of feeling exhausted all the time and lacking focus?

Are you tired of feeling embarrassed about the way your body looks and hiding under baggy clothes?

Are you frustrated with NOT feeling sexy in your own skin?

BADASS vFIT ACADEMY is one of a kind online program that was created to help women just like you lose weight, tone up, get their energy and power back, and feel confident in their own skin! My proven coaching system will give you all the tools to a successful health, body and mind transformation! Using a simple 1-2-3 guided approach provides all the resources and information you need to learn in order to hit your goals.

We will focus on the main pillars to success: customized fitness and nutrition, accountability, mindset and community! My exclusive online program has repeatedly transformed dozens of women and forever changed their lives! It is simple, effective, customized to fit your personal lifestyle goals and needs, and is easy to follow! There is no time to waste, but all the knowledge and confidence to gain here!




Your customized fitness plan will be SUPER fun! No more exhausting hours of cardio on a treadmill, or spending 3 hours a day at the gym!


Your custom nutrition plan will leave you excited and motivated every single day! It's simple and easy to follow, and will fit your busy lifestyle! No, you do not have to become a Betty Crocker, and we are going to hit those goals with any cooking or meal prepping skills you already have!


Real accountability for success. I provide the best by connecting with you weekly, looking at your progress photos and measurements, evaluating your nutrition targets, checking your completed workouts, homework assignments etc. Accountability gets RESULTS! You have access to me 24/7, and we are going to laugh and cry together many times!


Community and unlimited love and support! Our private Tribe Community of like-minded women will also be there for you to motivate and inspire every daily! We are in this journey together! No judgment!


Mindset shift. This is probably one of the most important yet overlooked areas of any transformation, especially for women. Every week I will have a special short exercise for you to do on mindset, so we can master the basics around your fitness, nutrition, energy, and life. You will feel SUPER confident and powerful again. This is the last program you will ever do to set yourself up for success!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only coach online?

Yes, online coaching is my specialty! Over the years I learned one simple thing...each client must want this transformation bad enough, and online coaching makes it easy! You don't need to have a trainer count your reps, this journey is life-changing, and it focuses on all areas of your life! Online coaching makes it easy for every client to pay attention to the journey and focus on results without distractions or in-person dependency! It wakes a fighter in you! 

Is there a diet I have to follow?

I use multiple nutrition manipulation and macro-blending techniques in the journey, but each client is different. Depending on your goals and needs, a plan can be either custom-built for you based on macros with optional macro tracking in MyFitnessPal, OR we can focus on balanced eating, portion control and intuitive eating. Each client is different, and I often use macro-blending and do a little bit of both. The outcome for you is to learn how to fuel your body with wholesome foods to lose weight and live a happy life without logging your food for the rest of your life!

Do I need to workout at home or go to the gym? 

Customization comes in handy on this one too - you can choose what works best for your schedule, and I just custom build your home or gym workout plain, load it into my VVS FITNESS training app and we get started! It is easy to use, and it tracks everything - your weight, progress photos, body fat %, measurements, sleep, steps etc. It is basically your NEW favorite app on the phone!

How long are we going to work together?

4 months is my minimum, but I access and often recommend 6 months, 8 months, 10 months or even 12 months at a time. I evaluate each potential client individually and make a personalized recommendation for the best results! 

What if I have some health issues?

That is alright! I have an extensive experience in a medical weight loss field as well and had a privilege of serving clients with many complicated health conditions like diabetes, lupus, IBS, hormonal imbalances, PCOS, anxiety and depression, autoimmune diseases etc. My holistic approach to healing will be yet another way of how we could tackle any issues that come our way! I believe that food is medicine, so any health conditions could be improved with proper nutrition, hydration, sleep and workout regimen! 

Will I have access to ask questions and address concerns when I need you?

I am your best friend and biggest fan every step of the way! We will be connecting on the phone for check-in calls, emailing and texting each other as much as you need me. I am here to guide and support you 24/7!

How much does it cost?

If you are price-shopping or looking for a budget-friendly coach, then I am probably not the right fit for you. I run my program with the highest level of commitment to every single client and prefer working with only 10 women at a time. Since your program is 100% customized, we will discuss what areas of support are needed the most and assess the total cost from there. I don't discuss investment up front, because I want to better understand your goals and needs and dig deeper. So depending on my personal assessment and your goals, pricing starts anywhere from $250+ a month.

How can I apply?

Simply fill-out a quick online application, and I will reach out to you if we are a good fit to work together! Yes, I receive a lot of applications and want to make sure that we are a perfect fit made in Heaven...because you know...#TeamWork!


"Before I started BADASS vFIT ACADEMY, I was at the biggest I had ever been in my life. I had gone through a miscarriage, and was just so so depressed and lost. I had zero energy and no motivation at all. I was working out and loved doing the workouts at the gym, but it wasn’t enough. Something was missing! I could not get the lbs off. So I reached out to Val, and we talked so much before I even joined. She wanted to make sure it was a perfect fit for us to work together! Can I just say that it was beyond the perfect fit!? From daily little inspiration texts or just “how are you doing today?”, Val is more than a Coach to me. She is my biggest motivator, but most importantly my friend. This is not just a weight-loss journey, or “get some muscles” thing...this is truly a life-changing program. My mind is more clear than it has been in years, and I mean years! I’m off my depression medication. I have so much energy, and everyday I just get a little brighter! The knowledge Val has just shows how much she’s put into her workouts, food breakdowns and so much more. I was lost until I found Val. She truly has been my life-saver! This journey will never end, and I have found a way to live a happy healthy life as a strong #BADASS woman I now know that I am! I can’t thank you enough, Val!”

Laura V.

"Extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with Val the last life changing four months. I have felt her support and genuine care EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. From the very beginning I was able to express my goals to Val and she helped me to get on track with a very sustainable meal and workout plan. It was extremely important for me to find someone that wasn’t going to put me on some extreme plan that I would be miserable and in turn give up. I am beyond thankful for the change I have made in my life because of her support and belief in me. I feel very strongly in her program to help people become their best self and make life long changes. At any point in time if I felt I was struggling Val was there to pick me right back up and help understand that this was a process and patience is the key! She is amazing and the real deal! I have lost over 20 lbs and most importantly I FEEL so much better daily with my energy levels and confidence. I am so thankful with how much she gives to her clients. She has put every single tool right in front of me to become successful and it was up to me to utilize them and trust her every step of the way! If you are looking for someone that will hold you accountable and do everything in their power other then prep and workout for you then Val is your gal!"

Morgs H.

"Before I started this journey I never journaled in my life, I was tired and so bloated, I just didn’t feel myself at all. Connecting with Val over the phone was super easy, and it honestly felt like I had known her for a while. I had no concerns going into this journey! It just felt so good, and after speaking with her I just knew that my journey was going to be amazing! I never had issues mising my workouts, but the Academy definitely tought me how to max out even more. I also used to avoid certain moves like pull-ups, for example, because those are really hard, but now I enjoy being pushed to the next level. The Academy has been teaching me a lot, and I loved every moment of it! I have more energy, I got more definition all over, and I even HAVE ABS! Doing weekly photos makes you really see how far you have come. We are our worst critics, but Val makes you stop criticizing yourself and celebrate all the smallest wins! This has helped so much with my stress levels, and I was able to create more positivity in my life!"

Mishell C.

"Before starting this program I felt defeated and lost! I began to accept the fact that maybe I was not going to ever look and feel the way I wanted to. I was nervous to start with Val at first, because I knew it was such a big commitment, and I was honestly a little scared. I am so beyond thankful I took that jump though! I am now pushing myself to the greatest lengths, and I have never done this in my life! My entire lifestyle and mindset is changing for the better. I have seen so many incredible changes in myself, not just physically, but mentally as well. Val is truly a LIFESTYLE coach, and I will never regret trusting her!"

Emily E.

"BADASS vFIT ACADEMY and Val have made such a difference in my lifestyle! The way I am eating and being healthy, and everything beyond fitness has changed for me too, which is awesome! So with Val's help, I have noticed that I am more energized throughout the day; I feel better; I feel like I am gaining my muscle strength back. A lot of great things have been happening, and I can see the difference in my body! Also that confidence in everyday life is here! I am not afraid to go to the gym anymore! Well I am honestly still a little scared, but at least I am not worried about thinking that I should not be there for whatever reason. Because that is what I thought in the past. It has been great, and the difference on the scale, how I see myself, and then the way I feel has been amazing! So I can't wait to see where the rest of this JOURNEY takes me!"

Sarah C.

"Before I started working with Val I was paying a coach every month and playing the yo-yo game non stop. I used every excuse in the book and that coach allowed it. It got me nowhere except frustrated and in the same spot I was in for years. Val’s program not only taught me to feel ok with saying I was a priority but helped me dig deep to figure out why I was doing what I was doing. She helps not only train your body but your mind and heart too. I grew in so many ways working with Val. I lost weight, I changed habits that I had lived with for over 30 years and I understand how to use the tools necessary to succeed. Val is a person that will push you in the best ways and make you see things you never did before. She is an amazing human and customized each program to truly fit her client because this is her passion and her mission in life! Thank you Val for dedicating and committing to me even when I wasn’t ready to!"

Shannan B.

"Before joining the VVS FITNESS program with Val, I have had goals of fat
loss and better health habits for some years. After jumping from one
unhealthy lifestyle to another as a result of the pandemic last year,
my physical and mental health were at an all-time low. I was living a very
sedentary and isolated life. I was initially concerned that I didn’t have
the right personality to get involved with a program like this one. I had
always felt like the world of fitness was somehow not a place I would ever
be comfortable. I also had reservations about my ability to be able to
commit fully to a journey like this one!

Both fears ended up playing a surprisingly small role in my experience with
Val’s program. I really believe that part of getting involved in something
like this, is doing one’s best to ignore the anxiety of wondering whether
or not one is “ready”. Deciding to make the first initial push of getting
started was the hardest part! Val worked well with me in learning my goals,
and we adapted elements of my individual training program appropriately as
we moved through our six months.

I have lost over 30lbs, as well as achieved muscle definition in areas I
had never thought possible for me. I now continue training on my own using
the tools VVS has given me to move forward with my fitness and health
journey confidently. Some unforeseen bonuses even took root in my life
through this experience. I have stopped depending on alcohol in a very
unhealthy way, and have cut back my consumption to once or twice a week,
something I would have wrinkled my nose at before, but am now actually
quite enjoying. Who would have thought? Thank you to Val and all the BADASS
vFIT ACADEMY girls for the support and the new life!"

Angelica B.

"Before I started the program, I really felt old and overweight. Not only was it hard to just do the things I love to do due to the extra weight and lack of muscle, but that just played into my mental state and made me not feel great about myself. My concerns before starting the program were finding the time to do the workouts and wondering how consistent I could actually be with that as well as the meal planning. Although I was not consistent with the meal plan all the way, I still learned to stay within those calories as well as increase my vegetable consumption and cut out sugar and bad processed carbs!

During the program, I found that I was able to get my workouts in every day, because I gave my word and was committed to seeing it through. I knew in the end it would benefit me, and I wanted to see the results I was desiring. More than anything I just wanted to be able to get back to doing the activities that I loved to do that were now so much harder for me than they were before, because I was out of shape and overweight. My favorite part of the program was the fact that it was mostly weight training instead of endless hard-core cardio! Of course, there were still cardio aspects to the program, but the weight training was the best way to trick me into getting the cardio in! During the 12 weeks my goal was to lose 10 pounds and put on muscle. I was so excited to hit that goal! I want to put on more muscle, but I am definitely happy with the results this 12-week program gave me, as well as 10 pounds that just fell off! I saw the most changes in my stomach, hips and butt, which are never a bad thing. 🙂

The most impactful change for me was my gut health. I have a lot of dietary issues with foods, and all the wholesome meal plan options helped me to increase vegetables in my diet, which made my stomach feel so much better. I definitely feel like I want to continue eating well and increasing my vegetable consumption + keeping up on the workouts, so I don’t fall back into the same routine I was in again!!!"

Valerie C.