Want to become a #BADASS, lose 20 lbs, tone up, get your energy back, and feel sexy again?

Want to become a #BADASS, lose 20 lbs, tone up, get your energy back, and feel sexy again?

If you are a busy career-driven female professional who wants to lose weight and tone up, and is lacking focus and energy...


Who has tried every diet and quick-fix on the planet with little to no success, and still does not feel confident or sexy in her own skin...

You will transform and benefit from working with a coach like me because it is critical to your success!


Allow me to introduce myself and explain WHY I love transforming women so much...

I am Val Sikora, a fearless fitness, nutrition, and mindset coach; original founder of VVS FITNESS, creator of BADASS vFIT ACADEMY program, and a founder of health and wellness supplement brand called VVS NUTRITION.

With over 10 years of experience in the field, I know how challenging and emotional a transformation journey can be. Back in 2013, I was 45 lbs overweight and completely lost hiding under baggy cloths and feeling like I could not be a successful woman because of the way I looked.

Busy professional life is not an easy burden to carry, especially, when you are constantly exhausted, cannot focus and survive most days by pumping yourself with coffee and endless energy drinks. Grabbing quick meals on-the-go, overeating and then under eating some days, and then feeling bloated all the time as a result of it. Or having those sleepless nights and crappy quality of sleep when your brain just does not shut off.

  • Setting those monthly health and fitness goals only to find yourself stuck again by prioritizing your career and family over your own health and fitness?
  • Struggling with occasional headaches and brain fog that affects your productivity?
  • Feeling overwhelmed some days and just barely making it through your to-do list?
  • Lacking intimacy, hiding, and feeling BLAH about yourself?

I am here to tell you that I have been there and conquered the pains, but also to show you an amazing shortcut to a successful transformation that will forever change your life! Let me teach you the ways and show you how dozens of women who committed to this journey EXPERIENCED the best life-changing results!



Dozens of women have already been transformed, and now it's your turn to take that power back.

Here is how I'll help you lose weight, tone up, feel sexy and get that energy back:


I have a reputation of "getting real results" when it comes to health, wellness and fitness. I live and breathe this lifestyle every day...walking the walk and talking the talk is my MOTTO in both personal and professional life!


With over 10 years of experience in the field, I have done it all: competition prep in the bodybuilding field, home workouts, gym workouts, group exercise training, yoga and pilates, personal training, nutrition coaching, lifestyle coaching, and mindset coaching. So I have got your back + then some!!


I stay up-to-date with the most recent trends in health, fitness and nutrition, and work with some of the best coaches in the world to sharpen my skills! Always adding and providing more value to my clients!


Simplicity is key! I will make sure you do not make the same mistakes I did trying endless diets and gimmick pills to lose weight or doing endless cardio every day. We are taking a simple 1-2-3 step approach that will not only transform your life, but is sustainable forever! No more yo-yo!


Results come fast! Most of my clients could not believe how quickly they were able to see results. But we never let that slow us down!


Your chances of succeeding in this journey are higher when you have a "badass" Coach in your corner, who holds you to the highest standards and does not let you give up like you did in the past! We all lose motivation, get side tracked or bored...but not this time! You are getting to that finish line, sister!


We will save you some money by cutting all the unnecessary crap you have been taking to just "fill the void'. Less confusion and a thicker wallet for you!


You will NEVER feel alone in this journey! My beautiful Tribe of ladies will be there to cheer you on, inspire and push you to do better! Social media can be toxic...but this Tribe is different!

It breaks my heart when I see other beautiful female professionals lack confidence and feel like they are not worthy of feeling and looking their best, because they do not have time, knowledge, or energy to take better care of themselves.

Hiding under baggy clothes does not empower us, it tears us down even more messing with our self-esteem and confidence.

If you are truly ready to take charge and commit to this transformation, it is my life-long passion to help you succeed! I want to provide the best resources to those who are craving MORE out of their busy lives!



"Before I started Coach Val's program I had very little energy, complained about everything, had a negative outlook on life, and basically lived off energy drinks. I was trying to keep up with my super busy lifestyle, juggle multiple businesses, numerous clients, a husband, and 4 teens! My nutrition was terrible, I was basically consuming all of my calories through drinks, had terrible water intake, and never took vitamins! I had a lot of fatigue throughout the day and gained about 40lbs in less than nine months!

I got connected with Val on Facebook, and, of course, she shined like a star! I was very captivated by her knowledge and perseverance as a Fitness/Nutrition Coach, and paid attention to all of her posts! She wasn't just a Coach who preached, but a Coach who led by example, which I absolutely loved. She was accepting new clients, so I decided to go for it and applied for her program! I did not have any reservations or concerns signing up with Val, because I knew she was exactly what I needed! I just had no idea how knowledgeable she really was. I was more than pleased with her program and didn't know I would be learning so much about nutrition, vitamins, fitness, mindset, goal setting, and multiple other facets in the nutrition and fitness industry. Her BADASS vFIT ACADEMY is so insightful and informative, you literally learn about anything and everything!

During my first week with Val, she sent me a journal, and I started working on my mindset immediately! She was always so positive, uplifting and encouraging during our coaching calls. I loved that she would never let me complain or talk negative on myself, which was life changing for me, as I've always been super hard on myself and would always do a lot of negative self-talk!

I am a FIRM believer in Coach Val's program, and I was able to lose 30+ lbs, which is really just the icing on the cake! This program is a life-changing experience in numerous ways. She even provides a list of books to read that are amazing for transitioning your mindset. I now have more self-love for myself, know how to start my day right, how important positive affirmations are, how important it is to be grateful, have good water intake, take vitamins, and the list goes on. Another nice addition is the drastic impact this program made on my family! My family basically only drinks water now; we got rid of sugar and have monk fruit in our home; we eat and cook healthier! It is truly a life-changing experience for my entire household! I am a true believer in Val's program and feel like everyone can use some Val in their lives!!"

Christina N.

"Extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with Val the last life changing four months. I have felt her support and genuine care EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

From the very beginning I was able to express my goals to Val and she helped me to get on track with a very sustainable meal and workout plan. It was extremely important for me to find someone that wasn’t going to put me on some extreme plan that I would be miserable and in turn give up. I am beyond thankful for the change I have made in my life because of her support and belief in me. I feel very strongly in her program to help people become their best self and make life long changes. At any point in time if I felt I was struggling Val was there to pick me right back up and help understand that this was a process and patience is the key! She is amazing and the real deal!

I have lost over 20 lbs and most importantly I FEEL so much better daily with my energy levels and confidence. I am so thankful with how much she gives to her clients. She has put every single tool right in front of me to become successful and it was up to me to utilize them and trust her every step of the way! If you are looking for someone that will hold you accountable and do everything in their power other then prep and workout for you then Val is your gal!"

Rachel C.

Megan T Testimonial

"Before I started this program I felt insecure and disappointed; tried so many things over the years, but sticking to it was my number one problem. I was constantly comparing myself to others and wishing I looked like someone else. I saw Val's Instagram and realized that she had a training program, so I reached out to her. I'm so glad I did because it was the best decision I have ever made for myself. 

When we were talking on the phone, Val was more concerned about my mental well-being than anything else and to me, it just clicked. BVF Academy was a lot of learning, assignments, exercises, and mindset work. But along with that came many changes and incredible results! I always felt like it wasn't fair that I was constantly struggling and putting in all of this hard work to be who I wanted to be and look how I wanted to look when others were just doing whatever they wanted, yet I was always on a diet?! Then one day, after months of working with Val, journaling, working out, affirmations, etc....my mind shifted. All of this hard work was a choice; I chose ME! I feel strong, happy, at peace with who I am, and have let go of what others think of me. I stopped comparing myself to others.

This program has taught me so much about dedication, and I feel 100% capable of keeping up this lifestyle. I do not want to go back to that small, insecure woman that I was before. I've changed so much mentally and physically! I am happy with my body; I am lean and so strong now. I feel confident in the gym, confident in my clothes, and I wear a smaller size now. Excited to see where I am a year from now, thanks to this program! It truly changed my life! Thank you for believing in me and teaching me that I am 100% capable and stronger than I ever gave myself credit for! I love you, Val!"

Megan T.

"Before I started this BADASS program I was always tired. I lacked energy, had zero confidence and self-love for myself, and felt like I was a train wreck with zero control over my life. My fear of beginning a program was that I was going to let myself down, and I was going to let Val down. Countless times I’ve been on my own journey and have failed time after time. Those failures only made me feel worse about my self-confidence.

My journey with Val has completely changed my life. I am slowly becoming the person that I have always envisioned myself being. I have so much energy that I don't know what to do with it. I now have so much love and appreciation for myself, and I never felt that way before. I have created so many amazing new healthy habits in my life modeling for my children. They ask for fruits and veggies now, and that melts my heart! If you want to take on a journey that’s going to change every aspect of your life, then this is the journey you want to be on. So buckle up and get ready for a transformation that you’ll never regret just like I did. The hardest step is committing to yourself! Trust me Val is not going to let you give up, and she will help you through the rest of this journey! You will never fail at this, if you are committed to yourself!"

Sabrina A.

Jamie B Testimonial

"Before I found Val, I was constantly feeling tired, weak, bloated, irritable, and fatigued. I lacked serious confidence in myself with the life choices I was making, including relationships and my career. I knew I was sensitive to wheat and had a major sugar addiction, but I continued to fuel my body with processed foods that made me feel sick. I worked out and tried making healthy food choices, but always caved at the sight of processed carbs and sugar.

After multiple discussions with Val, I was worried I wouldn't commit and would always give in to the temptations and continue on the hamster wheel of diet and exercise. But once I committed to this journey, I realized I had more to do than just eat healthier and exercise. I had learned so much...why do I fuel my body the way I do, how should I begin to fuel it, how to make healthier choices while dining out, recognize my inner voice, figure out the unhealthy patterns I always fell into, and most importantly, identify why I always gave up on myself. Val provided strategies and tools to help me identify various triggers and how to surpass them in a healthy manner. I learned that I don't NEED sweets, I WANT them when I'm bored or when I am sitting on the couch. Throughout my journey, I have been able to build confidence within myself and allow it to pour into other areas of my life! I can accept a compliment and actually believe it now! I am stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. Val has changed my life forever in the most positive way! She has helped me find my inner badass and let her shine. Val gave me the tools to find myself and give me my life back. The life I have always dreamed of and never thought I could get there."

Jamie B.

"Before I met Val I was doing programs with my husband that weren't designed for me. I was working so hard, but did not have my nutrition dialed in. So many programs push food I don't care for, or I don't have time to prep. But Val builds it based on your needs and wants, and then adjusts your macros and everything for you! This was a game changer for me! I have 4 kids, 2 of them are under the age of 3. I started this program a couple weeks after my husband left for a deployment, and I was asked so many times if I was crazy for doing this when he left. But the truth is...this program, Val, and other BADASS women carried me through the toughest time of my life. I will forever be grateful for the advice Val gave me going into our 1st deployment and the support during! The biggest take away from the Academy was learning how to read labels and the eating out guide, because real life happens! I need to be prepared or I am setting myself up for failure. With VVS FITNESS, I lost 18 pounds and several inches! I haven't seen results like this with other programs. I'm not where I want to be, but I am heading in the right direction and have everything I need to be successful. This is for life, because I deserve to be healthy and happy. Thank You Val!"

Katie A.

Nicole Testimonial

"I started working with Val in early August. The very first week of the plan, my world shattered as I faced the reality of a divorce. Mentally, I knew I was in for one heck of an uphill battle. I didn’t recognize myself at that point in life. I was one of those people who was asking: ‘How did I get here? How could I let myself go like this?’ There were days when I felt as though the waves of grief and anger at both my life situation and my physical situation felt crushing.

Some knowledge/realization I gained along with wins I celebrated these past months: healed/strengthened knee; muscle growth & strength; realizing consistency is key; intermittent fasting is not that hard; confidence lifting solo at the gym—and I now enjoy it; ups and downs with weight, but facing the issue...getting back on track; importance of meal prepping...especially snacks and lunches; upped my water intake; variety of vegetables are now in my diet; with the exception of a few evenings - gave up alcohol! And therefore, also gave up bad food choices post-alcohol!!!

Val never stopped being my cheerleader, my coach, and my friend. We showed up weekly for our phone calls, and I learned so much each week about the process, food, importance of water intake, mental toughness, a NO-EXCUSE state of mind, and many other valuable learning lessons. Val, your level of care in your clients’ lives is truly one of a kind. I’m beyond excited to work with you and the rest of the girls in the Elite Group. One day at a time...sometimes one hour, one step❤️"

Nicole I.

Heather B Testimonial

"Working with Val has been fantastic! She’s always within reach when I need her. The training and nutrition is tailored for me personally to give the best results. With her positive attitude she gives me the confidence I need to keep me on track while I reach my fitness goals."

Heather B.

"Honestly I was worried about reaching out to Val, when I saw her post on Facebook about coaching. You know how it is. That first step is always the hardest! But Val is an awesome coach, and her online program is super simple, yet effective! Any levels are welcome, and her workout app is so easy to use! I love the community of other women for extra support, motivation, and encouragement! I already lost a good amount of weight ~almost 10 pounds since I started~, and I feel so much stronger and more confident. I forgot how nice it was to feel so good about myself!

I joined her 12-Week Home Program, and it has a great structure based on progressions. So exercises get harder with time, but I never feel bored, or lose motivation! It's even adjustable for your needs. I had to switch out my walking/running for cycling, and Val made it happen. Val always pushes me to do my best, but I don’t feel anxious about letting anyone down but myself.

Ladies, if you need help to get started, don’t be afraid to reach out to her!!"

Kielan S.