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Clean Avocado Toast


Clean Avocado Toast

No, you do not understand…I came up with the most delicious simply ridiculous combo of flavors and cracked the code. Yes, you heard me! I have been eating these Avocado Toasts for weeks now and teasing you on socials, and it is time to share. I promised you a simple recipe and wanted to keep it REAL! It is so delicious…my mouth is watering right now typing this recipe for you! I do not eat those daily, but I definitely love me some during the weekend, when I want something savory with a cup of coffee! 


  • ​1 slice of Ezekiel bread (found in the frozen section only)
  • 1/4 organic fresh avocado 
  • 1/2 organic medium fresh tomato 
  • Trader Joe’s Everything But The Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend 
  • Premier Pink Salt 
  • McCormick Chipotle Chile Pepper
  • Earth Balance Organic Coconut Spread  

Toast a slice of Ezekiel bread in the toaster or conventional oven to your liking. Evenly spread little Organic Coconut Spread over your toast until melted. Thinly slice an avocado and tomato, and layer the slices one at a time over the toast. Sprinkle with a little Pink Salt, Everything But The Bagel Seasoning and Chipotle Chile Pepper. Cut a piece of toast in half and serve immediately! Enjoy! 

If you have a Trader Joe’s near by, then you can grab Everything But The Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend there. But if not, Amazon Prime got you covered here. I always get my Premier Pink Salt from Amazon here, since it is so hard to find, and it is the best pink salt blend EVER.  I am sure you can find Chipotle Chili anywhere, but if not, Amazon got you covered here. I am a busy gal, so it is all about convenience for me. Amazon Prime rocks my life, and you can find about anything on there, thank God! ​

Plus, I have more goodies to share with you, if you love Amazon just as much as I do! My Nutrition Hacks! list is growing by day here.

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Originally born and raised in Russia, Val comes from a professional background focused on customer service, business administration, and legal work. Since serving people was always something Val enjoyed, she used her life-long passion for health, fitness, and nutrition to help other women reach their transformation journey goals. Now Val is a fitness, nutrition, and mindset coach with a primary focus on wholesome holistic nutrition with over 10 years of experience in the field.

Val Sikora

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