March 20

Euro-Blooded Fashionista


Euro-Blooded Fashionista

They say “Cloths don’t wear you, you wear cloths”, but one of my friends always told me this: “You would look good in a trash bag, Val”, and we always laughed about it! To date I have not had enough courage to try and show up some place in a trash bag, but maybe we can play a little “dare” in the future! As long as I have the rights to create my own version of it, I might be down! Wink! 

I love fashion…have always been obsessed with the latest trends. The only problem I have with fashion is cashing out ridiculous amount of money to upkeep, but then being out of style – yet again – a few months later. I love AFFORDABLE fashion, latest trends I can afford instead of paying TOP dollar for the brands that are just not worth it at the end of the day! If it’s not a purse I could wear for a long time, or a pair of heels that will stay in style for a long time, I can find a good deal some place online to always look fabulous! 

Having a good taste is rough, and I always make a joke that “I have a champagne taste with beer money”, but you know what? I had to learn how to find the best deals and do insane bargain shopping! My cloths, shoes, fitness gear is always on point, but it’s only because I can find the best stuff and pay very little for it. That is the BEST kind of shopping! It’s my kind of shopping! 

I will be sharing affordable styles with you, and trust me…nobody is going to go broke, I got you, boo! From killer deals on Amazon Prime to little LULUS, sales on Fabletics, or ShoeDazzle craziness, some Victoria’s Secret Blowout Sale or a Target run, I got you COVERED for good! I just hope you love and appreciate fashion just as much as I do! 

Some vacation items, super fun sunnies and workout styles are coming NEXT!

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About the Author

Originally born and raised in Russia, Val comes from a professional background focused on customer service, business administration, and legal work. Since serving people was always something Val enjoyed, she used her life-long passion for health, fitness, and nutrition to help other women reach their transformation journey goals. Now Val is a fitness, nutrition, and mindset coach with a primary focus on wholesome holistic nutrition with over 10 years of experience in the field.

Val Sikora

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