December 20

NEW VVS Nutrition shaker bottles are now available at Boise Juice Co!


NEW VVS Nutrition shaker bottles are now available at Boise Juice Co!

NEW VVS Nutrition Shaker Bottles are here! 

If you haven’t already, swing by Boise Juice Co in Eagle, ID and grab yours before they sell out! Super fun colors – black and lime green – will brighten your mood any day and make a perfect addition to your VVS Nutrition supplements! Only $14.97 + tax…you will LOVE IT! 

You can start your day with some ENERGY or AMINOS and then use the same shaker bottle for your water for the rest of the day! I do it all the time, and it is so fun to hold something bright like that in my hand! Not to mention it is BPA-free, and the shaker ball actually floats, which is so cool! I love that it seals really well to prevent from leaking, and has a holder on the lid too. So carrying your bottle anywhere you go is super easy…gym, office, car, running outside etc. You will love this bottle! 

Come and check it out at Boise Juice Co at 2794 S. Eagle Rd., STE 100, Eagle, ID 83616 anytime! My friends at BJC are super friendly and incredibly knowledgeable to help you make some amazing healthy choices, if you want to grab a juice or a smoothie while at it! 

CHEERS to your health, my friend!!!!!

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